When we talk about products, we're not talking about ready-made tools that we simply pull off the shelf and send to you. Everything we make is custom made. That means our products are what you tell us you need in order to improve your manufacturing process, maximize your efficiency, and increase your profits. There are, however, certain types of products that are essential to the tube bending industry. Tube Bending Concepts creates customized versions of the following tools.


Bend Dies are one of the three basic tools for tube bending (bend die, clamp die, pressure die). A bend die is used to establish the radius in the bending operation. (Read more)


Clamp Dies are the second set of basic tools required for tube bending . The clamp die secures the straight section of the tube during the bending process. (Read more)


Pressure Dies are the third set of basic tools required for tube bending . The pressure die is used to apply pressure to the tube from the radius during the bending process. (Read more)


Wiper Dies are required for a five-part tube bending method (bend die, clamp die, pressure die, wiper die, and mandrel). This process are used when the "ovality" of a tube needs to be maintained. (Read more)


Mandrels are another essential tool for the five-part tube bending method (bend die, clamp die, pressure die, wiper die, and mandrel) when maintaining the "ovality of a tube is essential. (Read more)


Linkage hasn’t really advanced since the 1950’s.  With our patented Dura Link® Universal Flex Mandrel Linkage, innovation has finally come to ball mandrels. (Read more)


Controlled Wrinkle Toolsets help control wall thinning on the outside and thickening on the inside of a bend. (Read more)


Other Tooling that we custom manufacture includes: Clamp Die Bolsters,static or Sliding

Pressure Die Bolsters, Clamping Plugs & Handles, Bend Die Risers, Tube Stops for Static or Booster Type Benders, Center Studs, and Clamp Die & Pressure Die Hangers. (Read more)

Jaw Sets can be custom created for most benders, including: Eaton Leonard, Pines, Keins, Chiyoda, MiiC and others and can be made in any size, to fit most tubes or extrusions. (Read more)

Coatings to accommodate virtually any requirement are something TMC does as well, including: Hard Chrome, Thermal Diffusion Process,Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), and Carbide Spray. (Read more)