Clamp Dies

Compound Grip SectionsClamp Die

Compound grip section clamp dies are for gripping on a previous bend, a bend with little to no straight length, or to orientate a tube for a second set up.

Reach Adjusted for Quick Change or Multiradius Tools

To save time and effort, reach adjusted clamp dies eliminate excessive movements to the bolsters during set up. This, in turn, significantly reduces set up times.

Custom Grip SurfacesClamp Die with Knurled Tube Groove and a Bend Die Insert

To assist in clamping, the grip area of the CLAMP DIE can be altered with serrations or roughed up with grit blast. (Grit blast is not a material adding spray; it simply roughs the surface with an abrasive media.) 

Round, Square, Rectangle & Extruded Shapes

Square and rectangle tubing is usually bent using leaf tooling.  Without leaf tooling, the vertically expanded tube will lock into the bend die.  Once the leaf (or plate) is removed, the tube is free to be extracted.  Single leaf tooling has one plate.  For highly cosmetic parts, double leaf tooling provides very little marking.   

Clearences for Serpentines

Gooseneck clamp dies as well as other specialized tooling can be engineered to clear serpentine tubing.