Whats NEW?

TBC is now an Authorized Carbinite Applicator!!!     Carbinite Logo           Carbinite Chart

Carbinite is a Tungsten alloy coating that can be applied to most metals through electrofusion. Applying the product through electrofusion gives us a true metallurgical bond. This high bond strength surpasses any spray-on coating currently available.
Carbinite not only increases the surface friction but increases the surface hardness of the material up to 72Rc. Great for decreased slipping in the grip area for hard/smooth tubing.


Hard ChromeTiCN Coated Pressure Die

Hard chrome is the industry standard for coating mandrels which are being used for bending most materials with the exception of stainless steel.  Chrome provides good wear protection and lubricity. This treatment has a low friction coefficient of .17 and is approximately .0005” thick.  It's hardness is approximately 900 HV, and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200°.


Titanium nitride is a vanadium carbide.  It has a friction coefficient of .4 and a thickness of 2 – 4 microns.  It’s a general purpose coating with micro hardness of 2700 HV and max working temperature of 1000°.


Titanium carbonitride has a friction coefficient of .3 and a thickness of 2 – 4 microns. It has a higher micro hardness of 4000 HV but a lower max working temperature of 800°.