Hard ChromeTiCN Coated Pressure Die

Hard chrome is the industry standard for coating mandrels which are being used for bending most materials with the exception of stainless steel.  Chrome provides good wear protection and lubricity. This treatment has a low friction coefficient of .17 and is approximately .0005” thick.  It's hardness is approximately 900 HV, and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200°.


Titanium nitride is a vanadium carbide spray.  It has a friction coefficient of .4 and a thickness of 2 – 4 microns.  It’s a general purpose coating with micro hardness of 2700 HV and max working temperature of 1000°.


Titanium carbonitride has a friction coefficient of .3 and a thickness of 2 – 4 microns. It has a higher micro hardness of 4000 HV but a lower max working temperature of 800°.

Carbide Spray

The best way to describe carbide spray is “spray on sand paper”. This treatment provides roughness to any grip area to which it is applied.  Instead of eroding the material it adds dimension, so this fact must be taken into consideration.  An added benefit to carbide spray coating is that it can be stripped and renewed as needed.