Patented Dura Link® Universal Flex Mandrel Linkage

Dura Link Center Link

Universal flex linkage hasn’t truly been refined since the 1950’s.

Until now! With our patented Dura Link's® dove tail design; ball mandrels have entered the 21st Century.  Dura Link's® dove tail design helps maintain integral strength where other designs want to separate.  The whole family of link sizes has a uniform pitch length. A uniform pitch length ensures the strength and integrity of the link design remains proportional to tube size.  Even the detent, which is designed to last longer, has fewer pieces to install.

Through Hardened Tool Steel

Dura Link Center Link

T.B.C.  uses a higher quality tool steel which boasts a higher tensile and yield strength and proves  superior to competitor’s less expensive material. Boasting a higher tensile and yield strength.

Ø .625" Through Ø 8.0" Diameters In Stock

For rebuilding Dura Link® mandrels, we stock linkage to keep production going.  Whether it’s replacing a worn shank link (the link located in the shank), an end link (the very last link), or a center link (links located in the middle of a ball string) they all can be delivered upon request.  It is possible to tailor a mandrel adding or subtracting a link.  To minimize ovality loss, add a link.  To reduce slippage, take a link out.