Dura Link® Universal Flex Mandrel Linkage

Dura Link Center Link

In 2000, Tube Bending Concets received a patent on Dura Link® linkage for ball mandrels.  This improved mandrel design is available to fit tubing from Ø.625” to Ø 8.0”.  Replacement ball segments and standby assemblies can be ordered as well.  Standby assemblies are a complete string of ball segments which make it faster to rebuild the high wear section of a mandrel.

Aluminum Bronze or Tool Steel With Chrome

Working with different tubing materials requires different mandrel materials. For example, stainless steel must be bent with an aluminum bronze mandrel.  Mandrels can also be made with a durable plastic, eliminating the need for lube.

Standard & Custom Sizes Available

Tube Bending Concepts has mandrels in standard sizes or can make custom sizes to fit any tube size.

Plug Mandrels or Formed End Mandrels

Depending on what the Tube Bending Concepts Tube Configurator suggests, T.B.C. can supply a plug mandrel, a formed end MANDREL, or a ball mandrel, whichever would be most beneficial to your individual bend job.

St. Ch. & Aluminum Ball Mandrels & Formed End Mandrels

Chain Link Style Mandrels

For square or rectangle tubing T.B.C. can make an integral link or a chain link mandrel to provide internal support.  Our chain link mandrels are designed with a bolt in shank link which is superior to a pinned link because this design allows the leverage strength of a shank link, and the pencil strength of a bolt over the sheer strength of a pin.