Other Tooling

Clamp Die Bolsters Steel Wiper Die & Wiper Die Insert

Tube Bending Concepts boasts expertise in making clamp die bolsters for replacement or for dedicated setup assemblies.  This design has the benefit of reducing setup time.

Pressure Die Bolsters - Static or Sliding

Converting to a sliding pressure die, can reduce galling and marking of the tube by alleviating drag during bending.  By traveling at bend speed or greater it can also reduce wall thinning on the out side of the tube.

Clamping Plugs & Handles

To help solve tube slippage, a clamp plug keeps the tube from collapsing in the grip area during bending.  Some clearance can be gained over fittings or end forms by using plugs. 

As a caveat, plugs only work for the first bend.

Bend Die Insert & Clamp Die with Knurled Tube Groove

Bend Die Risers

Bend die risers are helpful to place the bend die in the second position for clearance, or to adapt tooling from another machine.

Tube Stops for Static or Booster Type Benders

Repeatability is crucial, so T.B.C. can supply tube stops for most machines which are made to be either solid or with mandrel clearance.  Depending on the machine, tube stops come standard with tooling orders.  On a booster bender the tube stop is what locates and pushes the tube during the bend.

Center Studs

With small centerline radii, the center stud must occasionally be stepped down for clearance.   When cross running a set of tools on another bender Tube Bending Concepts has conversion studs.

Clamp Die & Pressure Die Hangers

T.B.C. can supply all hardware to mount your tooling. Hardware comes standard with complete tooling sets. Hangers for clamp and pressure dies make it feasible to make adjustments as well as keep things in repeatable alignment.