Wiper Dies

TIP Recut Service Aluminum Bronze Wiper Die & Wiper Die Inserts

T.B.C. offers a wiper die re-cut service to save you both time & money.


1 Piece or Inserted Type

For high production runs, inserted wiper dies enable you to replace just the tip area. Replacing the tip only reduces both the cost of tips and manufacturing down time.


Aluminum Bronze or Steel

Working with different tubing materials requires different wiper die materials. For example, stainless steel must be bent with an aluminum bronze wiper die.


Lube Optional

Lube has proven very effective in reducing galling and friction during bending. For this reason, lube holes can be placed as needed on individual wiper dies.

Round, Square, Rectangle & Extruded Shapes

Steel & Aluminum Bronze Wiper Die & Wiper Die Inserts

T.B.C. can make wiper dies with standard round sizes up to 4.0 Ø. Larger and extruded shapes can be done custom.